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Region & History


Nothweiler is 708 years old and one of the most beautiful villages in the Rhineland-Palatinate. This charming and peaceful resort close to the German-French border is surrounded by the forests, mountains and ancient ruins of the vast biosphere reservoir (1.800 skm) of the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald).

The Castle

The castle Wegelnburg, also called Wegelenburg, is the Palatinate’s highest castle complex. This rock fortress is situated at a height of 572 m on the castle mountain and right next to the German-French border. In its direct neighbourhood and on the same moutain ridge are the Hohenburg, the Löwenstein and the Fleckenstein. The Wegelnburg was founded in the 12th or 13th century as by the Staufer dynasty and conceived as imperial castle. In 1272 it was destroyed by troops from Strasbourg for breach of the peace by the imperial reeve. In 1330 the von Wegelnburg family had the castle restored and expanded, and later pledged it to the Kurpfalz (the Electoral Palatinate). From 1417 to 1793, the castle was in the possession of the Dukes of Zweibrücken. In 1679, it was destroyed and razed by the French troops under General Monclar as a result of the Peace of Nijmegen. During its renovation between 1979 and 1982, large amounts of rock waste were removed and the remaining parts restored.

The Region

The Wasgau (French Vasgovie) stretches out from the southern part of the Pfälzer forest to the norhter part oft the northern Vosges, across the French and Geran border. Wasgau and Vosges both stem from Vogesus, the Celtic god of the mountain and forest. The mythstical landscape is among the most interesting, romantic and mysterious regions in Europe. Giant bizarre rock formation made of coloured sandstone and mighty rock castles In the area around Dahn, you can visit 16 old castle ruins and a number of colored sand rock formations – some oft hem centered in ancient legends (e. g. the legend oft he virgin jump or the legen oft he devil’s table).
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