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Region & Activities

Welcome to the Wasgau, welcome to Nothweiler, welcome to one of Europe’s oldest cultural landscapes, nestled in the midst of one Germany’s vastest forests and surrounded by ancient castle ruins. Here you can breathe history and nature. Below you will find the most important facts and some suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Outdoor Activities

For active holidays, the Wasgau offers everything you need: Hiking tours through endless forests, one of Europe’s most popular rock climbing areas, a vast cycling trail, calm forest lakes, and much more.


For hiking tours through the wilderness, the Wasgau is probably one of the most attractive regions in Central Europe. The area is thinly populated and hiking tourism is not as oversaturated as it is in the Alps. The Wasgau’s endless forests are interspersed with beautiful massive rock sceneries, lakes and rivulets, alpine pastures and heather-covered ridges with breathtaking panoramic views. But its main characteristic is the forest itself with its biodiversity of flora and fauna. The most common tree species include beeches, oaks, firs, pines, maples, lindens and elms.

Nordic Walking

Nothweiler offers three hiking trails varying in distance and difficulty levels: 3 km / 1.9 mi, easy; 6.4 km / 39.8 mi, moderate; 9.4 km / 58.4 mi, challenging. The starting point for all trails is the parking area at the community hall, where a map provides clear and detailed information. Twenty-four additional Nordic walking trails await you in the surrounding villages, with a length totaling 165 km / 102.5 mi. Download pdf Nordic Walking Trails Nothweiler: » Nordic Walking Tourenkarte Nothweiler


A paradise for cyclists: a magnificent cycling route leads cyclists to the beauties of nature along the Dahner Felsenland region, to the neighboring northern Alsace / France region or to the Southern Wine Route region.

Rock Climbing

The Wasgau Felsenland (“rock country”) is one of Germany’s most impressive red sandstone rock formations and among the most famous sandstone rock climbing areas in Western Europe. This stunning landscape with over 100 years of rock climbing history features massive cliffs and towers up to 60-meter-high. The southern Palatinate has become one of the most popular rock climbing areas in Germany. Approximately 80 freestanding towers and more than 140 rocky massifs give the Dahner Felsenland its distinctive character.

Climbing in the red sandstone formations is fun, but challenging: different rock structures offer a broad spectrum of varied climbing experiences (e.g. fissures, chimney and honeycomb rocks, friction plates, pebble stones) in the often rather loose sandstone. Climbers ideally should be experienced in different levels of climbing techniques. Even easier climbing paths require a mentally strong lead climber, because of the importance of proper securing. In general, the more challenging routes are well-secured, but experience in dealing with ropes, friends, etc. is a prerequisite.

Swimming Paradise · Thermal Spa · Wellness

Fun and relaxation in the middle of nature: in the 6000 m2 thermal spa in Dahn you can relax, have fun and enjoy a truly unique experience: massage jets, water cascades, a 45 m giant water slide, hot Jacuzzis, wellness treatments, Ayurveda massages, a 25 m swimming pool, children’s pool, playground, beach volleyball court, and a 6000 m2 Finnish sauna village and a steam bath biothermium are waiting for you. Alternatively, the hot springs at the thermal spa in Bad Bergzabern entice you with another pampering experience.

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More Activities

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More information:

  • Local visitor mine Sankt Anna ore mining gallery
  • Local gallery of tools
  • Wegelnburg at the outskirts of Nothweiler
  • Didactic geologic trail „Fladensteine“ (approx. 6 km / 3.7 mi)
  • Sport airfield (approx. 6 km / 3.7 mi)
  • Berwartstein castle (approx. 8 km / 4.9 mi)
  • 3 swimming lakes (8 –14 km / 4.9 – 8.7 mi)
  • Biosphere house with treetop path (approx. 10 km / 6.2 mi)
  • Felsland swimming paradise (approx. 12 km / 7.5 mi)
  • Barefoot path (approx. 14 km / 8.7 mi)
  • Wild life and hiking park (approx. 17 km / 10.6 mi)
  • German wine gate (approx. 19 km / 11.8 mi)
  • Thermal spa (approx. 20 km / 12.5 mi)
  • Landeck castle (approx. 23 km / 14.3 mi)
  • Trifels castle (approx. 24 km / 14.9 mi)
  • Cactuses park (approx. 27 km / 16.8 mi)
  • Landau zoo (approx. 34 km / 21.7 mi)
  • Zweibrücken roses garden (approx. 57 km / 35.4 mi)
  • Neustadt Castle Hambach (approx. 57 km / 35.4 mi)
  • Garden show Kaiserslautern (approx. 61 km / 37.9 mi)
  • Holiday park Hassloch (approx. 63 km / 39.1 mi)
  • Speyer cathedral (approx. 65 km / 40.4 mi)
  • Giant German wine barrel of Bad Dürkheim (approx. 72 km / 44.7 mi)

Alsace / France

  • Lembach and Wissembourg (approx. 19 min)
  • Maginot Line to Bitche (approx. 45 min)
  • Strasbourg (approx. 45 min)
  • Saverne (approx. 70 min)


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